PREVCARE Rx was created to offer a new level of service by assisting members to navigate the challenges of rising prescription drug costs. As consumers we are constantly being bombarded with loss leaders, low cost promises on one medication, just to be overcharged on another. Insurance plans have recently re-structured co-payments and tiered prescriptions levels that are unfavorable to consumers. We shop and compare all national retailers and on line services to find you the lowest price options, and let you decide. Have every prescription sent directly to us and rest assured to have the lowest price option.


Our Mission

PREVCARE Rx is a complete solution to paying less for high cost prescription medications!

Our mission is to provide all consumers a solution, and to make prescription medications available at lower prices to everyone everywhere!

PREVCARE Rx is committed to ensuring that no one goes without the medications they need as prescribed by their physician.

Whether you have good insurance, bad insurance, or no insurance at all, PREVCARE Rx can save you money at over 50,000 pharmacies nationwide and through our Home Delivery Service!

We're the first company to provide a compressive solution to high cost prescription medications with convenience of concierge service! We are here to help - a live customer support technician!

We offer consumers the ability to purchase their medication online and pick them up at their local pharmacy or receive your medications through a home delivery program at no additional cost.

PREVCARE Rx believes that lower drug prices BENEFIT everyone.

Lower drug prices can put an end to skipping doses or stopping medication altogether. Better adherence means healthier people.

PREVCARE Rx believes that no one should have to stress about taking their medications.

Many of the drugs that people need every day have unacceptably high prices. And yet, in spite of the general outrage at the problem, no one seems to know how much a drug actually costs - or how much it should cost.

At PREVCARE Rx, we do. And we offer this transparency to everyone. Our product is available to all. With one low price for everyone, everywhere, every day at any retail pharmacy or Home Delivery - you choose what is best for you.

The PREVCARE Rx price is the actual price. And the only one you'll ever have to pay. No Gimmicks, Rx Discount Cards or Surprises!


Drug adherence and Convenience!

Any Pharmacy or Home Delivery!

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This a Pharmacy Subscription Service. THIS IS NOT INSURANCE. We provide you direct access to medications at negotiated PBM pricing, and Home Delivery Pharmacy pricing on a pre-paid basis. PREVCARE Rx offers solutions for high priced specialty drugs via an International Pharmacy or PAP service.  In addition, a discount pharmacy solution is available, were you search discount options and are directed to a specific pharmacy for super low pricing. Sometimes, this can be your lowest price option. 

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